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Re: Procmail and Zmailer

-> I wonder if it's possible to get the 'procmail' package to work from
-> zmailer.
-> I've tried the .forward file approach, but found that it didn't try to
-> execute the $HOME/.forward file (even if marked executable).

you should put "|/usr/bin/procmail" to make it work.
or, put this into sm.conf

#procm   sSPfn   /usr/local/bin/procmail         procmail -a $h -d $u
procm   sSPfnm   /usr/local/bin/procmail         procmail -a $h -d $u -t
#               # Procmail example from: Ken Pizzini <ken@spry.com>

and this into scheduler.conf:

# Local delivery: user mail, files, processes
        # want 2 channel slots in case of blockage on one
        # Do MIME text/plain; Quoted-Printable -> text/plain; 8BIT
        # conversion on flight!
        command="mailbox -8"
        # Or with CYRUS server the following might do:
        #command="sm -8c $channel cyrus"
        # Or with PROCMAIL as the local delivery agent:
        #command="sm -8c $channel procm"

iirc, you can uncomment procm if you define standard delivery to 

just because procmail doesn't understand delivering to file/pipe from
command line.

-> Would a zmailer upgrade help?

I sent request to procmail maintainers to accept files and pipes for '-d'
parameter too, cause i'd like to use procmail always...

 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, sysadmin of one server at SANET Kosice, Slovakia
 E-mail: Matus.Uhlar@tuke.sk ; WWW: http://ccsun.tuke.sk/users/uhlar
 And don't forget: I work for SANET, but talk for myself, dude... ;-)