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Re: blocking unauthorized mail relaying (i.e. spam)

> Is there a similar utility/technique for Zmailer 2.2x (toronto version)
> that blocks unwanted mail relaying?  I'm trying to find the quickest
> way to do this without revamping our mail systems.  Can I just compile
> the smtpserver and hope that it will be compatible with the other
> components still at version 2.2x?

	The way Gabors patches are done makes them fairly easy to
	implement also for 2.2x.
	The 2.99.x series has a few new envelope objects, and smtp-
	server from it is likely to cause digestion problem at 2.2x

	OTOH, I did try to localize policytest stuff at 2.99.49 so
	that it can (if wanted) be merged to other systems too with
	decent work. (Building the binary database needs 'makendbm'
	and 'policy-builder.sh' from 2.99.49 too, of course.)

> > [zmailer]: There is a patch for Zmailer 2.99.45 which implements
> > flexible policy based SMTP filtering. It is very useful against spam
> > and third party relaying.
> > 
> > ftp://ftp.sztaki.hu/pub/private/kissg/zmailer
> Please reply directly to julio@hawaii.edu since I don't subscribe to
> this list.  Thanks.
> -Julio Polo, University of Hawaii

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>