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OSF1 /bin/sh doesnt work with mailbox transport agent


	The problem is with Alpha /bin/sh (/sbin/sh too). Somehow
it does not work with ZMailer. When a pipe is used ZMailer does
execl("/bin/sh", "sh", "-c", username+1, 0); (gives to sh -c the
string after ``|'') But if you put a shell script into aliases
(like: "|/tmp/shell-script" or "|/bin/sh /tmp/shell-script")
instead of binary the shell just wont process it. It works with
binary though. If even from binary you do execl("/bin/sh", "sh",
"/tmp/script.sh", 0); it wont process it anyway, though another
binary would work. It has something to do with environment, file
descriptors or shared libraries but I spent five hours investigating
without an apparent result so I am giving up. The workaround could
be just to put to aliases file entire "|/usr/bin/sed -n -e 's/^N//p' \
| /usr/news/bin/rnews" which I've done by now (shell command line
works perfectly) or use "|csh -f script" if you user "|sh < script"
that will work as well, but you loose your standard input then of

	Matti, any experience with that?
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