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Re: Configuration Help.

> > I believe the method is to add something along the lines of
> > 
> >   .*    *!host_to_deliver_to


> > to your db/routes file.  I'm sure there'd be more on this in the
> > current documentation for setting up routes.
> I tried this method with the version of Zmailer that's running on this
> machine (2.99.25) and it didn't work. If I explicitly put in part of a
> domain (such as ".com  smtp!host"), it would. Are the asterisks a
> feature of a later version of zmailer?

  Into  2.99.41 (Nov 11, 1996) I did modify pathalias processor to check
  also for the '.' object:
	.	smtp!host_to_deliver_to

  That after I had (for a while) used all toplevels covering routeing
  specifications at one system, and frankly got a bit annoyed with it..
  (It was my workstation, which was not in globally routable network
   back then...)

> Brian
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