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Re: www.zmailer.org

>      Indeed, we took this step after noticing appearance
>      of those ORGs..   Now if somebody (hint, hint) would
>      design a neat logo for the ZMailer.  Something as
>      "cute" as Linux penguing.

Cute?  For a thing with `Z' in its name?  I doubt... ;-)
Zone, Zombie, ...  Something with dripping blood and red flames
on the background. :-))

>      (just wondering aloud..)  How much there would be market
>      for support of software that you get in source for free,

David Hughes ("Bambi") from Australia was trying to sell mSQL
as shareware, with full source.  mSQL is quite popular, but from
Bambi's posts I could figure that the scheme was not satisfying

Personally I think that there is no chance for a commercialized MTA,
provided that there are many free alternatives from one side, and
strongly marketed commercial alternative(s) on another (Net$cape).