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Some of you might have noticed that   zmailer.org  exists.

www.zmailer.org is hosted at a web-hotel server at Telecom
Finland Internet services unit, as a part of ``network community
contribution'' plan to provide some support for the ZMailer;
real documentation at first.

Don't be surprised, if you see the page to get some graphics
containing company logo :-)  (Telecom Finland wants a bit of
publicity, and I have muscle to make sure they do it with
good taste..)

Those pages do differ (slightly) from ones at  www.funet.fi,
have a look.  You can find something extremely interesting in

On related topic:

Recently I got a question, if Telecom Finland is going to make 
ZMailer as its (commercial) product.  At least for now our idea
is NOT to do that, not in commercial basis anyway.
(Our ZMailer team is effectively one person, myself...)

My own view is that ZMailer should stay free software, although
signing it entirely over to FSF might be practically impossible,
as FSF does now want signatures of all contributors, even for
bits that are insignificanly small..  Happily we can use GPL
without signing anything over to anybody, just like Linux is
being worked on.  :-)

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi> <matti.aarnio@zmailer.org>
					(of course ;-) )