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Re: error installing zmailer.2.99.p2

> Jean-Luc Tardivel wrote:
> > after installing 2.99.p2 on solaris 2.5, I get this error whith router
> >
> > relation: I don't know about the hostsfile database type!
> > relation: I don't know about the hostsfile database type!
> >
> > If i install over 2.99.45 this does not happen, where should i look?
> > thank you.
>   This error comes in i-smtp.cf, that computer does not use DNS lookup,
> we just want to open a smtp channel between two computers. the lines
> involved are
> relation -lt hostfile -n -s 50 canon
> relation -lt hostfile _b hosts
> i am trying to fix it but whithout success yet
> thanks.

	Right...  Currently that db facility is not supported at all.
	Basic reasoning (if I recall my thoughts from way back..) was
	that it uses   gethostbyname()  library call, which is same
	as in the DNS lookup.

	On the other hand...  things have evolved since then, and it
	can now mean totally different thing from the DNS lookup.
	At least with modern UNIXes.

	This patch might be what you need.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

--- router/db.c~        Mon May 26 23:26:51 1997
+++ router/db.c Tue Jul 15 23:55:45 1997
@@ -99,10 +99,10 @@
                  Nul } },
-#ifdef HAVE_HOSTS
 { "hostsfile", { HOSTS_FILE, NULL, 0, 10, 0, NULL, search_hosts, NULL,
                  NULL, NULL, print_hosts, NULL, NULL, NULL, Nul } },
-#endif /* HAVE_HOSTS */
+#endif /* HAVE_RESOLVER */
 #ifndef RESOLV_CONF
 # define RESOLV_CONF "/etc/resolv.conf"