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Re: www.zmailer.org


Once Matti Aarnio wrote:
>www.zmailer.org is hosted at a web-hotel server at Telecom

	Great. We should take a look at sendmail.org and qmail.org
and do something better ;-)

>On related topic:
>Recently I got a question, if Telecom Finland is going to make 
>ZMailer as its (commercial) product.  At least for now our idea
>is NOT to do that, not in commercial basis anyway.
>(Our ZMailer team is effectively one person, myself...)

	This is a very bad news, but I kind of expected this.
Pushing ZMailer into production in our company (which handles
quite some mail) costed me quite a lot of efforts primarily
convincing and educating people. If what's quoted above can
possibly happen NLnet will definitely refrain from further
usage of this software.

>My own view is that ZMailer should stay free software, although
>signing it entirely over to FSF might be practically impossible,
>as FSF does now want signatures of all contributors, even for
>bits that are insignificanly small..  Happily we can use GPL
>without signing anything over to anybody, just like Linux is
>being worked on.  :-)

	I think its not a good idea. GPL license is quite
restrictive and I wouldnt like to see ZMailer under it. Take a
look at FreeBSD project, perhaps you could get some milestones
from their license and create your own. Making a good thing as
free as possible is the best way to make it better.
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