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Re: virtual hosting

> Hello,
> May be this FAQ, but:
> How I can forward all mail for some.domain to
> some user@other.domain ?

	There is no good generic way to do this, however some
	usable ones exist.

	If the destination address is outside this local system,
	then perhaps following   MAILVAR/db/routes  entry:

		some.domain	smtp!user@other.domain

	The problem with "routes" is, of course, that its
	results are "final".  Your addressing analysis ends
	at the "routes" dbase.

	For creating the generic thing, have a look at how
	"$(fqdn_neighbour ....)"  is called from  rrouter.cf,
	and how it is implemented at  fqdnalias.cf.
	(and see   i-routes.cf / p-routes.cf  too, of course!)

> Thanks.
> -- 
>   Dmitry

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>