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Re: bulkmail

> Hey
> When handling relatively large mailinglists (say over a couple of hundred
> subscribers) with sendmail, you can get big improvements regarding speed,
> by supplying sendmail with a sorted list (using bulkmailer or something
> like that).
> My question: will this help with ZMailer too? When delivering to those large
> lists, I see that the local deliveries are very very earlier than the remote
> deliveries. Maybe that's caused by ZMailer sorting the list?

	For the routeing phase ?  No.
	It COULD make sense to do two things at the same time:
		- pre-sort the recipient domains
		- send messages in 50-100 recipient batches,
		  and make sure that multiple recipients for
		  any host will not get split between multiple

	That way the router gets smaller memory footprints for its
	processing of things, and it will be faster.

	The reason you see this vast delivery speed difference is that
	the scheduler is essentially parallel processing system. When
	a message reaches scheduler, ALL recipient addresses in it are
	analyzed for running transport agents in parallel.

> Thanks for your information,
> Remco.
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