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Re: using zmailer for serious production

On 5 Jul 1997, Sean M. Doran wrote:

> >   As stated in the documentation, the correct way to keep the queue empty
> > is by running sendmail as "sendmail -bd -q10m", which run the queue every
> > 10 minutes.
> The problem is that sendfail(8) tends to block on things,
> and when blocked, -q<time> simply doesn't work.
> So if you happen to have a series of messages that
> overwhelm your bendmail(8)'s abilities to process them,
> you end up with no mail delivery at all.

  All recent version of Sendmail offer multi-threaded queue processing.

> >   Remember that in sendmail, messages only go into the queue, if initial
> > delivery fails.
> It can take a long time to get a NOERROR...

  Doesn't matter.  That process just sits and waits, and doesn't block the
queue.  Messages only go into the queue, if the first delivery fails.

> 	Sean.