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Re: dropping connections

Matus Uhlar <uhlar@ccduck.ke.sanet.sk>
> do you thing it's bad idea to drop connection from machine which provides
> wrong 'hello machine.name' ?

Yes.  I looked at doing that, and it's rather a bad idea.  Too much
legitimate mail would be bounced.

The HELO name has never mattered, so people who get it wrong don't fix
it.  Mine may wrong at the moment, I think :)

> or just ignore everything provided until
> machine provides acceptable machine name ? acceptable name can be get from
> DNS by trying lookups on IP -> hostname (and probably back), given hostname
> etc etc...

The smtpserver ignores the HELO name unless you say -g, I just
learned.  The default is to use a DNS PTR lookup.

> I've heard RFC (don't know which one) says mailer shouldn't drop connection
> when provided hostname is wrong. I even think DNS should work and if not,
> that's the problem. Problems with spam are too big now.

People provide CNAMEs and whatnot.