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.49, spam

ZMailer 2.99.49 looks very good (thanks, Matti), but I'm feeling a
little down at the moment.

The fourth message coming in after I upgraded my real mail server to
2.99.49p2 was spam.  1, 2, 3, spam.  Didn't even take a minute.

The message came from something like <1fvdf@ejfvsd.afhdjalf3.vmx>, and
I don't see any way to reject things like that.  Could smtpserver do
an MX/A lookup of the envelope sender domain?  Would that be a bad

I know about -sf, but that seems like policy ("we ignore mail from
such and such domain"), not a DNS query.

Btw, this patch ought to make policy-builder.sh a little better.

--- utils/policy-builder.sh	Sat Jun 28 16:10:22 1997
+++ /local/zmailer/bin/policy-builder.sh	Sat Jun 28 16:50:02 1997
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
   # (We use file from "http://www.webeasy.com:8080/spam/spam_download_table"
   #  which is intended for QMAIL, and thus needs to be edited..)
   if [ -f smtp-policy.spam ] ; then
-    cat smtp-policy.spam | \
+    cat smtp-policy.spam | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-a]' | grep -v '[^-/\.a-zA-Z0-9@]' \
     awk '/^@/{ # Domain, but ZMailer processes them without '@'
 	  printf "%s = _bulk_mail\n", substr($1,2);

The tr handles things like cyber-s-i-q.com vs. cyber-S-I-Q.com, the
grep (untested, I did that by hand) should grep away stuff zmailer
won't digest, "bhaffle,wuyffle.com" for example (note comma).