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2.99.49beta2 (diff)


	The 2.99.49beta2 diff (no full dump) is available
	at my workstation ( ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/ ) for
	those with keen interest at what I have done last
	night (besides of watching  Conan O'Brian show at
	NBC...  .. because all european stations stop at
	around midnight, except the NBC..)

- DSN bugfix with scheduler/smtp getting different ideas of
  what the status is
- man/mailq.1* -manpage update
- router/libdb/bind.c -- included missed <sys/socket.h>
- made the  smtp  channel  to use   getaddrinfo()  API instead
  of the older   gethostbyname() et.al. API.  It compiles, but
  tests are very partial..

/Matti Aarnio