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Re: 2.99.49beta2 (diff)

extern char **environ; - declaration missing in libsh/variables.c
(I wonder how did it compile for you?)

There are a few places where libz.h produces a warning because
sys/socket.h is not #included.  Maybe better #include it right in libz.h?

In the file transport/libta/diagnostic.c: a lot of conflicting types for
functions defined in both libc.h and mail.h.  The same functions are
defined differently.

libc/getaddrinfo.c (and maybe others?): there are no int16_t and u_int16_t
in Solaris; *int32* seems to be defined in a wrong way.  The worst thing:
identifier "sun" is #defined to '1' in the compiler and cannot be used!  
(around line 346).  The same problem with *int*_t in getnameinfo.c.

in smtpserver/smtpserver.c line 1053 is an operator that goes before
data declaration in the line 1055.  Should be moved down.

Also, there is a lot of warnings "assignment discards 'const' from pointer
target type" but I guess that was your intention :)

Compiled on Solaris 2.5.1 with gcc 2.7.2