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Re: Rewriting of From: and Reply-To: headers

> I have finally gotten zmailer-2.99.45beta0 compiled on Linux/AXP! 
> Yes, I have just found out that zmailer is now up to 2.99.48. I have 
> just begun to work on getting it to compile (hopefully with ease 
> considering that I have just gone through the entire process!).

	You did read the INSTALL file, didn't you ?

> Zmailer is working flawlessly except for one minor problem. When I 
> send a message through (i.e. point my PC mail program to the Linux 
> machine) it rewrites the From: and Reply-To: headers. So instead of 
> having headers that look like 'hickey@alphapower.com' I end up 
> getting 'hickey@bucky'. Unfortunately the hickey@bucky address does 
> not work too well outside of my domain. 

	Check your  /etc/hosts
	I have a feeling it tells something of style:	bucky bucky.alphapower.com alphapower.com

	This however should not matter, as the "localnames" mapping
	has been around for quite a while.

		alphapower.com	alphapower.com
		bucky		alphapower.com

	... unless you have it coded as:
	... in which case the 'bucky' will not be mapped to the desired
	presentation name ...

> Does anyone have any ideas what is going on? Is it something that I 
> did on the install? Is there a change I can make to a config file (I 
> have been reading through them trying to find where this is 
> happening)? Is this a known problem with 2.99.45 and will be fixed by 
> getting 2.99.48 installed?

	Umm.. No, it is not known problem, but you CAN create it
	with careless configuring...

> Thanks....
> --
> Gerard Hickey                 hickey@alphapower.com

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>