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Re: database problem solved.

> Heh, just solved the mystery puzzle of database.
> When you're linking the binary of router and makendbm, be sure that
> you heva changed the libs order in Makefile in those sources directory to:
> ROUTER_LIB=     -lndbm -lgdbm -ldb

	Using order of:
		-lndbm -ldb -lgdbm
	should work equally well, but apparently it didn't ?

	Ok, generally speaking the problem is that both the DB, and the
	GDBM have NDBM-like compability routines in them, which does
	complicate things considerably.

	To top it off, any/all of these can be in the system libc too..
	The 'configure.in' source has following comment, which I added
	after one instance of juggling these libraries around:

# GDBM must be last as if we have LIBDB at the system instead of real
# LIBNDBM, we still have ndbm routines, but want to use (likely)
# ones from LIBDB instead of LIBGDBM...

	Any comments ?
	(If you want to edit the  'configure.in', you do need GNU
	 autoconf-2.12 package to regenerate the 'configure' script.)

> and similar order in makendbm's Makefile.
> Just tested it and it works fine now, so it depends what order you
> link the libraries in the binary :)
> Anyway, now I am happy (after 10 hours head banging to the wall) :)
> -- 
> (Niko Lilja <nmk@iug.org>)

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>