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Syslog reporting


in recent betas, syslog reporting made a big step forward.  With the
current scheme, it is (at last!) possible to track down any
message passing thru the system with time stamps.

Although, I'd like to make a few comments:

1. I think that it was a *good* idea to log the *arrival* of a message,
as it was done in patch5.  Somehow, this was commented out in patch6.
If arrival reports where done in smtpserver and sendmail, the logging
would cover the whole lifetime of the message, not just the period from
routing till delivery, as in patch6+

2. As there are several different transport programs, it is not trivial
to distinguash delivery records for an automated syslog processor.  I
would suggest to add a "function" tag to the log format, e.g.:

Apr 23 13:16:28 deimos smtpserver[14939]: accepted .nLRBg227587: \
		from ts5-a13.dial.sovam.com/1031

Apr 23 13:16:31 deimos router[4224]: routed .nLRBg227587: \
		from=<mits@online.ru>, relay=ts5-a13.dial.sovam.com \
		([]) size=868, nrcpts=1, \

Apr 23 13:16:38 deimos smtp[14638]: delivered .nLRBg227587: \
		to=embassy@embas-kyrg.msk.ru, delay=00:00:10, \
		xdelay=00:00:06, mailer=smtp, relay=relay1.kiae.su, stat=ok2