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Re: zmailer on Debian systems

> Hey
> I'm trying to install ZMailer 2.99.46 on my Debian 1.2.9 box.
> David Trueman posted a message about the router segfaulting on his Debian
> box at Thu, 6 Feb 1997, using .45. There was a reply on that message which
> stated that the problem should be resolved in .46. But I got those segfauls
> even using .46 :(
> I think the cause of the problem is in the 'strange' *db*.h files and
> libraries, which come with Debian. 
> So, my question is: is anyone using ZMailer on a Debian machine
> successfully?  Or maybe anyone has a solution, or some ideas about how to
> solve it?

	Getting GDB backtraces would be most instructive, and perhaps
	if you could try my 2.99.48beta snapshots ?


	Also getting the transport- and rfc-822 envelopes of the message
	in processing when the crash occurs would tell something to me.
	... and if this crash occurs only with one particular message,
	while others run thru successfully, or does it happen with all
	messages ?

	(I am holding the release of 2.99.48, because I haven't had
	 time to go over the changes, and to log them properly..)

> Thanks!
> bye -R.
> // Remco van de Meent	
> //   email: remco@oloon.student.utwente.nl

	/Matti Aarnio