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still hangover smtp processes

Matti, I hate to say it, but with .48-970407 patch 1b I still get
long-hanging smtp transporters.  Today I killed a few that started
on Apr 11.  Here is a sample backtrace:

(gdb) bt
#0  0xef636d58 in _end ()
#1  0xef6732cc in _end ()
#2  0xef6475f8 in _end ()
#3  0xef6f2158 in _end ()
#4  0xef6d77c8 in _end ()
#5  0xef6f1bb8 in _end ()
#6  0x1ad9c in getmxrr (SS=0xeffff980, host=0x4a638 "arstel.ru", 
    mx=0xefffebb0, maxmx=128, depth=0, mxcntp=0xefffe5ac) at smtp.c:3720
#7  0x16ec0 in smtpconn (SS=0xeffff980, host=0x4a638 "arstel.ru", noMX=0)
    at smtp.c:2137
#8  0x16a34 in smtpopen (SS=0xeffff980, host=0x4a638 "arstel.ru", noMX=0)
    at smtp.c:1939
#9  0x14254 in main (argc=0, argv=0x4a638) at smtp.c:862

smtp.c:3720 is gethostbyname() call.

Solaris 2.5.1.