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Re: Bug in sm truncates messages on AIX

> Bug report
> Affected OS: AIX
> zmailer versions: the later versions.
> Description (just discovered):
> The zmailer specific message buffering stuff in sm, using
> the readalready size parameter, does not work on AIX. Since
> file IO is handled by the paging system on AIX, the OS handles 
> file buffering perfectly by itself. When zmailer tries to do
> buffering on its own, this comes in conflict with the OS 
> buffering resulting in a 4096 byte (one page) size limit on
> the zmailer buffers. Unfortunately zmailer is unaware of this
> limit and happily sends the contents of the buffer, a truncated
> message.

	The 'readalready' was not reset in all cases after
	the  branch of  (convertmode == _CONVERT_NONE) had
	done its reading of MULTIPLE buffer-fulls.
	("multiple" meaning:  "more than one")

> I've seen this happen on one of our production systems where
> readalready never exceeded 4096 over several thousands messages. 
> Users complained about truncated messages with ca 3k attachments.
> When looking at cases where readalready equaled 4096 messages
> where truncated. I've commented out the stuff in my version,
> probably this will fix the problem.

	My current snapshot patch2 does address this problem.
	(patch1 handled another problem that kept me from releasing
	 2.99.48 yesterday..)

	( Snapshots are at location:  ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/ )

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> http://www.uu.se/Internservice/ue/personal/MartinWendel.html

	/Matti Aarnio