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Re: Bug in sm truncates messages on AIX (New bug)

> OS: AIX 4.1.5
> zmailer version: 2.99.48 patch1 added.
> description:
> A bug in sm cleares some message bodies to size zero.
> detail:
> In sm.c appendlet():
> 	/* we are assumed to be positioned properly at start of message body */
> This is not always true. In certain cases (I've been able to reproduce but
> haven't checked the cause) mfd is positioned way outside the file's range.
> When this happens no body can be read and thus no body written to the delivery
> agent either. 

	Right.  Now I have replaced it with:
	/* We make sure we are positioned properly ... */
	(and doing lseek())

> Kludge:
> Check that mfd file position equals dp->msgbodyoffset, if not make new
> lseek with dp->msgbodyoffset and SEEK_SET:

	With that you do two lseek() calls -- the first to find out
	where the IO cursor is, and the second to set it...
	It is easier just to set it.
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