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Bug in sm truncates messages on AIX

Bug report
Affected OS: AIX
zmailer versions: the later versions.

Description (just discovered):
The zmailer specific message buffering stuff in sm, using
the readalready size parameter, does not work on AIX. Since
file IO is handled by the paging system on AIX, the OS handles 
file buffering perfectly by itself. When zmailer tries to do
buffering on its own, this comes in conflict with the OS 
buffering resulting in a 4096 byte (one page) size limit on
the zmailer buffers. Unfortunately zmailer is unaware of this
limit and happily sends the contents of the buffer, a truncated

I've seen this happen on one of our production systems where
readalready never exceeded 4096 over several thousands messages. 
Users complained about truncated messages with ca 3k attachments.
When looking at cases where readalready equaled 4096 messages
where truncated. I've commented out the stuff in my version,
probably this will fix the problem.

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