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Re: Need advice on large mailing lists

> > I am setting up a very large mailing list on a Linux(2.0.0)
> > machine and I am looking for any advice on what the best way to do
> > this might be.  The list has approx 50,000 recipients and will be
> > used once a month to send out a newsletter.  The current solution
> > uses majordomo and sendmail.  When a mail is sent out, it kills
> > the machine (to put it lightly) for a few days which is not
> > accpetable.

I mail quantities of > 60,000 daily all the time using  zmailer, and
some software I wrote to make sure  1) you don't run out of disk
space   2) server load stays reasonable.  

Huge amts of experiementation brought me to this point: as you've 
discovered its easy to kill a machine just by sending mail.


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