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Re: Need advice on large mailing lists

> > > I am setting up a very large mailing list on a Linux(2.0.0)
> > > machine and I am looking for any advice on what the best way to
> > > do this might be.  The list has approx 50,000 recipients and
> > > will be used once a month to send out a newsletter.  The current
> > > solution uses majordomo and sendmail.  When a mail is sent out,
> > > it kills the machine (to put it lightly) for a few days which is
> > > not accpetable.
> > 
> > 	For that rare posting I suggest running some batch-sending
> > 	script which picks circa 100 addresses a time from the list, 	and
> > sends them in one message, then next 100, and so on.
> We use bulk_mailer (reference
> ftp://ftp.greatcircle.com/pub/majordomo/FAQ). Bulk_mailer sorts the
> addresses belonging to the list by reversed domain and sorts them
> into groups containing no more than N domains; we trivially modified
> it to also limit the number of recipients. So with 50,000 recipients
> we actually hand Zmailer 1,000 separate messages with 50 recipients
> each. (This is called chunking.)  

does chunking affect the to: or from: lines or the header in any way?

Does the router do one DNS lookup once per message in that case?

In the case of 50 messages with one recipient each, does it do 50 
lookups, even if they are to one domain?  I guess I'm just asking 
what kind of buffering of DNS its doing.

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