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Re: What does this mean ?

> On Fri, 14 Feb 1997, Matti Aarnio wrote:
> > 	From that "recipient: local - goldt" I would guess you have
> > 	configuration scripts all the way from the dawn...  :-)
> Well, in deed these scripts should be superior. These script e.g.
> check the .forward file to see if you pipe to a trusted
> prg like 'filter' or 'procmail' and not to a selfwritten mail-multiplexer.
> They have been developed from 2.99.25 and adapted to 2.99.38...
> they also do some other things like checking domains and checking
> if FUZZYMATCH is wanted.
> If you are interested in them i can send them to you.
> > 	What do you mean with 'stuck in the queue' ?  Stuck on the
> > 	scheduler queue, or still sitting in the router ?
> The mail is in the 'queue' directory and a transport file exists
> aswell. It retries to send the mail, but somehow it fails.
> The real problem is it is very difficult to debug the problem. 
> Can i manually run 'mailbox' with gdb to see what it is doing ?

	Yes you can.

	It might need some "directory" commands at first to
	locate all the source files, but othervice:

->	# cd $POSTOFFICE/transport/
->	# gdb $MAILBIN/ta/mailbox
->	(gdb) break process
->	(gdb) run ... (options you use for the local channel)
<-	#hungry
->	12345-678

> Greets, Sven
> -- 
> The only limits are in your mind !

	/Matti Aarnio