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Re: What does this mean ?

On Fri, 14 Feb 1997, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> 	From that "recipient: local - goldt" I would guess you have
> 	configuration scripts all the way from the dawn...  :-)

Well, in deed these scripts should be superior. These script e.g.
check the .forward file to see if you pipe to a trusted
prg like 'filter' or 'procmail' and not to a selfwritten mail-multiplexer.
They have been developed from 2.99.25 and adapted to 2.99.38...
they also do some other things like checking domains and checking
if FUZZYMATCH is wanted.
If you are interested in them i can send them to you.

> 	What do you mean with 'stuck in the queue' ?  Stuck on the
> 	scheduler queue, or still sitting in the router ?

The mail is in the 'queue' directory and a transport file exists
aswell. It retries to send the mail, but somehow it fails.

The real problem is it is very difficult to debug the problem. 
Can i manually run 'mailbox' with gdb to see what it is doing ?

Greets, Sven
The only limits are in your mind !