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Infinite recursion in 2.99.46(p1) proto/cf/aliases.cf

You may have noticed strange deaths of the routers with the lattest
release.  I certainly did -- and spent hours tracking for the reason,
which was obvious -- once I realized what I was looking at...

[mea@mea zmailer-2.99.46p1]$ diff -u proto/cf/aliases.cf{~,}
--- proto/cf/aliases.cf~        Thu Feb  6 19:25:45 1997
+++ proto/cf/aliases.cf Mon Feb 10 17:41:37 1997
@@ -85,8 +85,11 @@
        #mxh=$(setf $(last $a) ())
-       #key="$(elements $quad)"
-       key="$(channel $quad)$(user $quad)$(attributes $quad)"
+       # For  .forward (et.al.) the ATTRIBUTE may change, therefore
+       # we must not use it to the key -- in case we do a forwarding...
+       # That said, I don't think we need 'host'-part either..
+       #key="$(channel $quad)$(host $user)$(user $quad)"
+       key="$(channel $quad)$(user $quad)"
        didexpand=$(expansions "$key")

This is cut&paste, so it might not go in peacefully, but you should get a pretty good idea
about how it is fixed...

	/Matti Aarnio

PS: Queue at nic.funet.fi router: 3200, and decreasing :-)