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Re: File locking broken with 2.99.45 on FreeBSD 2.1

> Is anyone using ZMailer on FreeBSD?  I've installed it on my PC,
> 486DX80 with 32MB.  After installation, I tried testing it by sending
> a message to another local address, but I did not see the message
> delivered to the local mailbox, nor did I recieve a bounce message.

	I have now thought about it for a few minutes (and read
	Tom Samplonius' comment too..)

	There is a runtime configurable way to fix this;

                Mailbox locks are now runtime configurable, see the
                manpage of  mailbox.8 and also  SiteConfig(.in)

	The default is compiled into the mailbox -- if system has
	flock(), the default sequence is:  dotlock + flock(), else
	it is: dotlock + lockf()  (if lockf() is not available, then
	it is only: dotlock)

	Setting the ZCONFIG parameter  MBOXLOCKS=F  and on scheduler.conf,
	set the  local/*  to look something like following:

	# Local delivery: user mail, files, processes
		# want 20 channel slots, but only one HOST
	-->	# We want to run mail-delivery in a sort of 'set-gid' mode
	-->	group=mail
		# Do MIME text/plain; Quoted-Printable -> text/plain; 8BIT
		# conversion on flight!
		command="mailbox -8"

	Albeit that might not be absolutely necessary..
	(.. and onwards he mumbles about strange looking UID/GID setting
	 codes inside the mailbox program...)

	I wish there were some clear and simple way to autoconfigure
	this aspect about the system.

> I went rummaging in $POSTOFFICE/queue to see if I could figure out
> what went wrong, and I found this in one of the message files:
>     % channel error
>     % todsn ORCPT=rfc822;postoffice
>     % to <postoffice>
>     % env-end
>     % To: dummy:; (error trapped source)
>     % From: The Post Office <postmaster>
>     % Sender: mailer-daemon
>     % Subject: Double-fault: Delivery reports about your email
>     % Cc: The Post Office <postoffice>
>     % MIME-Version: 1.0
>     % Content-Type: multipart/report; report-type=delivery-status;
>     %         boundary="A41C6D020.854311499=_/pino.connectnet.com"
>     % 
>     % --A41C6D020.854311499=_/pino.connectnet.com
>     % Content-Type: text/plain
>     % 
>     % This is a collection of reports about email delivery
>     % process concerning a message you originated:
>     % 
>     % <local root alcocer 0>: can't dotlock "/var/spool/mail/alcocer": Permission denied (this is abnormal, investigate!)
> How should file locking be configured on FreeBSD?  In case it matters,
> I *was* running 2.99.26 with HOSTENV (in Config) set to FreeBSD-2.0,
> and I was not encountering file locking problems before.

	Right.  It apparently uses  FLOCK -only.
	(Definitely not using MAILLOCK)

> Any advice/suggestions appreciated.
> --
> Dario Alcocer
> alcocer@netcom.com

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>