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Re: Upgrading from 2.99.26 to 2.99.45

> After installing 2.99.45 on my FreeBSD machine, I noticed that
> single-letter directories A-Z were created in the $POSTOFFICE/queue
> directory; I hadn't noticed this with 2.99.26.  Will my message files
> survivie the upgrade, or will I have to somehow re-submit the messages
> after upgrading to 2.99.45?

Those directories are there for hashing the scheduler work-directory
into smaller bits, and thus reducing the work the system has to do on
directory related operations -- like when opening a file, and needing
to read thru the directory at first to locate the i-node number...


		Mailbox locks are now runtime configurable, see the
		manpage of  mailbox.8 and also  SiteConfig(.in)

		The scheduler is capable to spread its working set into
		subdirectories to shorten the system directory access
		time, however the setup REQUIRES matching transporters.
		The change is in the library function  ctlopen(), which
		means that your custom transporters need just be relinked.

> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Dario Alcocer
> alcocer@netcom.com

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>