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Re: how to deliver mail to IMAP mailboxes

> I guess the sendmail behavior/feature would be a good choice for zmailer
> as Chris Newman mentioned in the previous message.

	A more generic approach would allow:
	to be mapped to:
	at the mailer, and then inject it to CYRUS.
	How you can do this with various systems (e.g. with
	sendmail, and ZMailer) is another topic.

	An even more complex problem is to map:
		full.name@domain1	-> userid1
		full.name@domain2	-> userid2
	and still be able to do those same Andrew-style "+"-maps:
		full.name+folder@domain1 -> userid1+folder

	... however that is not CYRUS issue either ...

> We could hack rrouter.cf to do that - am I right?

	[ ZMailer ] yes - but it isn't sufficient. See above.

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> Peter Ziobrzynski, netMedia Technology Inc. <pzi@netmediatech.com>

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>