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router instability


we're running zmailer-2.99.44p1 on Linux, kernel 2.0.27 libc-5.4.17. All
the components of Zmailer are quite stable save router. Namely, when I
restart the router (-dkn 4)  with

zmailer router

sometimes the 4 router processes just die in 10-30 seconds, delivering
some mail and without any nasty diagnostics. After I issue 'zmailer
router' several times (sometimes it's more than 10) one of the router
processes turns to zombie, but the remaining 3 become quite stable and
after that Zmailer runs without any problems for many days (2.99.43
demonstarted the same behaviour, but with 1 zombie router it was
successfully working in heavy traffic conditions for more that 2 weeks). 
Removing '*.fc' files and restarting the router does not help - the number
of attempts to obtain in this 1-zombie+3router state is random, typically
3-10. It looks just like there's some memory initialization problem and it
starts successfully when malloc grabs memory filled by something. 

Has anybody seen the similar behaviour ?

Thanks in advance,

Alexandre Sidorenko		Senior System Administrator
Internet Microtec, Montreal, QC