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Re: .43b/.44 problems (fwd)

(Olivier did heroic debugging run, and found parametrization error
 on   aliases.cf  for  listexpand call.  The fix is correct.)
> <Pine.LNX.3.93.970105231611.308F-100000@death.cyberoptics.com>: address:
> test-outgoing
> s_apply() ran out of svstack[]! (svstop=5)
> And router promptly disappears without leaving a core(?!).

	It calls abort() -- doesn't abort() drop core in your system ?
	It is a self-recursion caller return value storage pointer....
	(mumble mumble...)

	With a little bit of thought I rewrote the whole static svstack[]-
	array away.  The goal in there is to save the return_valuep -indirect
	pointer, reset it to some local pointer variable, get the result
	there, and then restore the old pointer.
> ...and it's still running after 20 minutes and a couple mailing list
> messages, even though I have no idea what the above module is for.
> Anyone seen similar problems with .43b or .44?

	For some reason you had several recursed calls of  $(listexpand ... )
	which exceeded that stack of yours.  A side-result from having some
	addresses that expanded to more addresses via $(listexpand ... ),
	I guess.

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