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Re: (was Re: Looping messages)

On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, Simon Brock wrote:

> >> >   Zmailer should never bounce a message to an address from which the
> >> > message just bounced.
> >>
> >> I consider this in the realm of common sense, but just in case that's not
> >
> I agree that this is a problem.  We operate virtual domains for some people
> here who do not have mailboxes here.  When I made a mistake with a
> postoffice address (whoops) the mailer generated a few thousand error mails
> before I noticed....  (They say that confession is good for the soul).
> My problem was that despite my scheduler.conf setting the error channel
> interval being set to 5 mins, an error generated in that channel was
> handled immediately and as the error generated an error -- you know what
> happened.
> If this behaviour at least could be circumvented then error processing need
> only once an hour and then not cause so many problems.
> Regards,
> Simon.

  Better, yet:  put failed bounces in a dead.letter mailbox in

  BTW, the scheduler interval field that you set, does not do what you
want it to.  That sets a retry interval.  When a message permenently
fails, it will not be retried.