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Re: Looping messages

On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, Tom Samplonius wrote:
>   Zmailer will loop messages if it can't deliver messages to the
> postmaster.
>   On one Zmailer machine, I have all postmaster mail forwarded to my
> actual mail machine.  When Zmailer tried to send a copy of an error
> message to me, but my mail machine wouldn't take it because it was too
> big.  So then Zmailer generates another message to the postmaster with the
> same results.  Each time the message grows in size, so it will never
> actually get through.
>   Zmailer should never bounce a message to an address from which the
> message just bounced.

You should never (ever) forward postmaster to a remote address for exactly
this reason.

I consider this in the realm of common sense, but just in case that's not
good enough for you, the RFC's specify that errors go to a local address.


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