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Re: help with "talking to myself" errors

Sorry to bother everyone again.

I finally got the mail.conf and localnames (sorted) right, and fixed
the "talking to myself" errors. Unfortunately, mail is still not being
delivered. The messages just sit in the queue and do nothing. What is
weird is that mail seems to not work only for local delivery; I can
apparently send mail out but not receive mail in users' mailboxes.

The queue looks like this:

root@monet:/etc/rc.d[1471]# ls /software/zmailer/spool/queue
106531-2518   106537-2520   106541-2521   106615-2519
106532-2521   106538-2519   106609-2520   106670-15405
106533-2521   106539-2519   106610-2521   106683-2520
root@monet:/etc/rc.d[1472]# mailq -sv
0 entries in router queue: idle
12 messages in transport queue: working
Transport queue is empty
root@monet:/etc/rc.d[1473]# telnet localhost mailq
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
version zmailer 1.0
        local/postmaster/0              R=11 A=3  W=900s QA=1h58m35s
        local/acli/0                    R=1  A=2  W=12s QA=3m31s
        local/ambrose@mingpaoxpress.com/0 R=1  A=4  W=60s QA=1h58m34s
                Threads:   3 Rcpts:   13 Procs:  1 Idle:  1 Plim:  5 
Flim: 150 
Kids: 1  Idle:  1  Msgs:  12  Thrds:   3  Rcpnts:   13  Uptime: 5m34s
Connection closed by foreign host.