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Re: Zmailer SMTP: Anal retentive or correct?

> > There are several ways to transform UUCP E-mail addresses to the Internet
> > (and vice versa) successfully:
> > 
> >         host!user -> host!user@gateway.foo.com
> >         host!user -> user%host.uucp@gateway.foo.edu
> >         host!user -> user@host.org (provided an MX to gateway exists)
> Re- reading this, it seems easy enough to hack smtp.c to do any of
> these version, why not the first. Matti will hate it, of course. Sorry
> matti...

	Well, if it is  "host!user", then why not, but if it is
	(for what ever reason)  "user@host", then having two ats
	plain sight brings in the need to reprocess them into
	%-@-kludge, and all that complication...

	That is what I am uneasy about.   Also for the purity in
	mind, I don't think the outbound boundary system needs to
	kludge around incoming boundary interface problems.

	Propably the best place to do kludge processings is to do
	it at  /bin/rmail
		host!user   ->  host!user@`uname`
	("`uname`" means the routine to get the local unqualified

	Comments ?

> Thanks,
> sdb
> -- 
> sdb@ssr.com

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>