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Re: Zmailer 2.2 SMTP sender interpretation of a 552 reply

>  The SMTP sender in Zmailer 2.2 (e8 and straight 2.2) appears to
> treat a 552 reply (RFC 821: 'Requested mail action aborted: exceeded
> storage allocation') as only a temporary error (EX_TEMPFAIL in the
> smtpwrite() routine in transports/smtp.c).
>  Is my understanding of the code correct? Is my understanding of the
> situation with 552 errors correct? Does anyone know why Zmailer doesn't
> treat 552 as a permanent error and keeps retrying the message, if it
> does do it for this reason? Is it reasonable to make the obvious fix?

	Yes, that is how Rayan's original code did it.
	For a couple years now my version has considered "552" as
	permanent error with an assumption that the remote server
	does know when to give 552 instead of 4** to inform about
	permanent capacity error.

	Do the obvious fix.

> 	- cks

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>