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Re: router eating sick amounts of core

   Date: 	Mon, 25 Dec 1995 12:55:27 -0800 (PST)
   From: Tom Samplonius <tom@uniserve.com>

     It is easy to switch over to the Zmailer list style, just put the files 
   included from your aliases file into $MAILSHARE/lists and voila, it will 
   just work.

     As for documentation, you need to look at ./doc/guides/lists  This is 
   guid is also refered to in the INSTALL file too.

I considered moving to the zmailer native lists, but I cannot for two

1) The Linux community has used my lists under majordomo for over a
   year now, any change in interface or format would cause many
   pains.  The whole move to zmailer on this machine was to reduce
   problems not create more of them.

2) Majordomo has digestification and very nice methods of
   configuration even though it uses perl which is very inefficient.
   Maintaining the facilities available with the majordomo list
   server is just mandatory at this point.

So my current plan is the see if I can smooth out the edges of using
majordomo under zmailer, if this fails I'm back to sendmail again.
Although I might give mmdf a shot, I've heard it can handle things
like this pretty decently.

David S. Miller