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Re: transports directory

Greg Woods:
> IMHO, if Ousterhout had chosen an existing embeddable language to
> use for Tk, that language, no matter what it was, would have enjoyed
> a great deal of popularity.  [...]  If it had been scheme, there'd
> be some stupid grumbling about parenthesis, but everyone would have
> dug out their old CS-201 text's and begun programming away.

yep.  as it is, the grumbling in tcl is about quoting: should this be
using braces, brackets, quotes, or what?  I look at the confusion
people suffer in tcl (it doesn't confuse me :), and wonder how they
can complain about something as simple as parentheses in scheme.

> That's why I suggested (originally to a different list), that
> zmailer be re-implemented using the AT&T rc(1) shell language

rc only has flat lists.  adding non-flat lists to rc suffers all the
same problems that zmsh had in adding non-flat lists.  you could maybe
try "es", but I haven't been following that development.

my choice would be scheme.  (probably SIOD)