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Re: transports directory

On Thu, 13 Jul 1995, Trevor Paquette wrote:

> >   Now I know this might provoke quite a response (quite likely negative
> > :) ):  I propose to replace the zmsh stuff with either tcl or perl.
>  Now THAT is a GREAT idea!! having zmailer use the latest version (or
> whatever version you want to stick in there) of PERL makes alot of sense to
> me. Perl and many of the extensions to it (OraPerl etc..) would be a great boon
> to the application. Customizations would be alot easier (which have to be done
> in any mailing system IMHO) and make changes easier to understand.

  perl would seem to be a better choice than tcl.  perl supports 
pre-parsing, but unfortunately, perl_run() does not take parameters, only 
perl_parse() does.  So parameters will have to be implemented via 
callbacks.  The perl5 distribution convienently makes perl a library for 
easy embedded use.  If perl was used, it would not need to be distributed 
with Zmailer, you would just need to point your linker to location of 

  However, I'm still researching this.