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ZMailer can handle large volume (was Re: Problems with scheduler)

On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, Henry Timmerman wrote:
> Because the load is quite big (1000 messages per day) I 
> thought that this is the problem, but Zmailer says it can handle 
> 2000 messages per day. Machine running Linux is a *high* end 486.

I use ZMailer on our most popular UNIX machine, delivering, on average, about
70,000 mail msgs per day.  That means on a busy day, we're easily exceeding
100,000 msgs.  This was, until a recent replacement, a 240 MIP system - and
the mail system had very little impact on system performance. 

The entire reason I use ZMailer on that system is that sendmail was
completely incapable of handling the queue.  ZMailer's schedule si the secret
to its ability to handle a large active queue. 

Of course, we're running an old version: ZMailer 2.2 .


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