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Re: Problems with scheduler

> scheduler can't work properly.  If a message is sent to multiple recipents
> on multiple hosts,  the scheduler starts transport agents to deliver only
> quite sure that the unscheduled addresses are deliverable (the site is
> not down).  Also, according to the mailq, some of these report "(waiting
> for channel slot, expires in xxx)" status.  However, 'ps' shows channels
> is still available for that address.  Anyway I have increased no. of
> channels but it doesn't help.

Same here. I'm running Linux (1.2.5) and Zmailer 2.99.13. NetWare 
server running Mercury generates messages for up to 30 recipients and 
sends them to machine running Zmailer. After the message is sent to 2-
3 recipients it just stops (however mail for a single recipient gets 
processed). Because the load is quite big (1000 messages per day) I 
thought that this is the problem, but Zmailer says it can handle 
2000 messages per day. Machine running Linux is a *high* end 486.

Henry Timmerman