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Re: routes file doesn't work ?

On Feb 23,  9:13, Matus Uhlar Software wrote:
> Subject: routes file doesn't work ?
> Hi all,
> I tried to add entry
> .bitnet		smtp!earn.cvut.cz
> into routes file. So every mail I send to *.bitnet should be forwarded to
> earn.cvut.cz. But it's not... where I did a mistake ?
> Our domain is ke.sanet.sk. I found that search list for MX is
> ke.sanet.sk, sanet.sk  and there is defined mail exchanger * for sanet.sk
> every mail i send to *.bitnet returns with
> *.bitnet.sanet.sk ...unknown.

 Can you tell me the address you are trying to send to?
 And your list of MX records for your site? (The actual DNS entries)

 From that I should be able to help a bit more..

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