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routes file doesn't work ?

Hi all,
I tried to add entry
.bitnet		smtp!earn.cvut.cz

into routes file. So every mail I send to *.bitnet should be forwarded to
earn.cvut.cz. But it's not... where I did a mistake ?
Our domain is ke.sanet.sk. I found that search list for MX is
ke.sanet.sk, sanet.sk  and there is defined mail exchanger * for sanet.sk
every mail i send to *.bitnet returns with

*.bitnet.sanet.sk ...unknown.

I use zmailer 2.97. Is error in DNS (*.sanet.sk MX ...) or by me ?

Matus Uhlar (Fantomas on IRC),
Computer Centre of Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia
E-mail: Matus.Uhlar@tuke.sk