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Janus and zmailer (Was Re: Header re-write)

On Feb 16, 12:18, John Gardiner Myers wrote:
> Subject: Re: Header re-write
> Tom Samplonius <tom@haven.uniserve.com> writes:
> > ...anyways, one of the selling points was that they don't use
> > Sendmail, but use Zmailer because it is more secure.
> Boy, are their customers in for a suprise.
> Zmailer's architecture and implementation is far less secure than
> sendmail 8's.
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 Note of interest:
	UUNET Canada and Janus share offices in Toronto. UUNET Canda is
 headed by our friend Rayan Zachariassen, the original zmailer author.
 (or he is very high up in the UUNET staff).

   I don't know Rayan's relationship with Janus, but I find it interesting
 that Janus uses zmailer, and that Janus and UUNET Canada share office space.

    However, Janus is a VERY secure product. See http://www.border.com for
 more information. Very slick, very clean.

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