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Re: Header re-write

> In message <QjEsX9S00WBwI87_Ut@andrew.cmu.edu> John Gardiner Myers <jgm+@CMU.
EDU> writes:
> >Tom Samplonius <tom@haven.uniserve.com> writes:
> >> ...anyways, one of the selling points was that they don't use 
> >> Sendmail, but use Zmailer because it is more secure.
> >
> >Boy, are their customers in for a suprise.
> >
> >Zmailer's architecture and implementation is far less secure than
> >sendmail 8's.
Now this is a horrible posting (My Opinion).  You can't say things
like this and not follow up or expect a reaction.  If you have
specific points to make, make them.  If you don't want to "divulge"
holes to the list, then let the developer know your thought.... 

We all benifit from more secure software all around .. So contribute
to it ...