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Re: Header re-write

On Feb 16,  2:13, Scott Schwartz wrote:
> Subject: Re: Header re-write
> My argument is that good engineering practice is important.  Zmailer
> 2.2 is effective and stable and so the best use of programming effort
> is to repair bugs and improve documentation.   Adding new features to a
> stable product should not be done lightly, only after they are
> shown to be necessary.  Adding unnecessary features is certain to add

   What you think is necessary and what others think could be two different

 If you don't like the new features in the new program then don't use it.
Simple eh?

    Instead of grinding Matti in the dirt for continuing development on
zmailer (which by the way, I feel is a great leap over the cryptic syntax of
sendmail.. but that is my opinion), why don't you tell us what features you
feel are 'unnecessary', and what YOU would do to improve them..

 If there is one thing that really bugs me, it people who complain about
FREE software..

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