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Re: Header re-write

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Tom Samplonius wrote:

>   Funny you should mention Zmailer and firewalls.  I don't know if anyone 
> has heard of a product called "Janus".  It is billed as a turn-key 
> firewall system.  Basically aimed at people who don't understand Internet 
> security....anyways, one of the selling points was that they don't use 
> Sendmail, but use Zmailer because it is more secure.  No idea what version.

	Really?  Not to downplay Zmailer at all, but I would consider 
this a BAD idea.  Chapter 1 of Cheswick and Bellovin's Firewall book 
gives a pretty good argument why you shouldn't run complicated software 
on your firewall.  I would take that further: if you can't check the code 
yourself, you shouldn't be running it on your firewall.  I would say that 
Zmailer is far too complicated to check yourself.  This isn't a firewalls 
list and I am no expert, but an internal machine can run zmailer to 
deliver mail efficiently, and SMTP on the firewall can forward to the 
internal machine using MX record magic.    

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