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Re: zmailer 2.2 problem

On Feb 14, 16:02, Postmaster wrote:
> Subject: zmailer 2.2 problem
> zmailers stop delivering messages to any domain which does not have a MX
> record. What happen is zmailer thinks those no MX domains are down. It will
> hold the message until it expires.
> Is there anyway I can test zmailer to find out why it thinks those no MX
> domains are down?

  I have solved this problem with zmailer on out system, basically I add a
for valid MX domains only. I am added a couple of new functions and some new
functionality to zmailer. I will post the changes to this group only when I am
satisfied that they are working properly.

 Things added:
 - deliver to valid MX hosts only  (return invalid-domainname if not)
 - hostname hiding (maps hostnames in table to a 'higher level' domain
 - username hiding (maps userids/usernames to an 'offical' format)
			Ex:tpaquett@cygnus.aec.ca maps to TrevorPaquette@aec.ca
 - concept of 3 types of mailers
	- main mailer. handles/delivers ALL incoming/outgoing mail
	- sub mailer. Slave. Any and all mail get forwarded to the main mailer.
	- gateway mailer. Passthrough mailer. This lives on a firewall. It
		delivers mail to the Internet for the internal main mailer. It
		Also accepts mail from the Internet and passes it to the
		internal main mailer.

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